HairMax LaserComb - Landmark Clinical Study Results

This information will:

- Facilitate your understanding of the HairMax LaserComb - Enable you to incorporate the device into your therapeutic armamentarium - Will provide a number of resources on the treatment of AGA - Provide a bibliography of useful information on treating hair loss

The HairMax LaserComb is:

-The ONLY home laser phototherapy device proven effective to regrow hair in male and female patients with certain classes of AGA* - FDA Cleared for marketing* by the FDA* - Useful as either mono-therapy, concomitant therapy, or as an adjunct to other treatments or procedures.

Reasons to recommend:

-Backed by a highly ethical, established and reputable manufacturer -Years of clinical research, and design quality experience -Hundreds of thousands of users experiencing real results around the world. -Countless numbers of physicians recommending the device

Thank you for visiting the HairMax LaserComb website for medical professionals. The HairMax will enhance your treatment of AGA in men and women and increase patient satisfaction with therapy. The HairMax Professional 12 is ideal for health care professionals. This model incorporates 12 individual laser diodes which minimizes treatment time and enhances patient compliance.